Vancouver Island, Save the Whales

I am going to San Francisco in a couple days, so I need to enjoy what little time I have left in Canada.

And thus I am going over to Vancouver Island to have a look-see. Maybe see some whales on the way...

Which brings me to my topic of discussion...

Whale Hunting...

You see there are some countries out there (mostly Japan) which continues to hunt whales despite widespread condemnation by other countries and most of the human race. It doesn't seem to matter to whale hunters that they're hunting whales (and dolphins) to near extinction. They only care about money.

And environmentalists, god bless them, are such a bunch of hippie peaceniks they go out there and try to stop the Japanese, but they do it in a non-violent way.

Which is to say, they do diddly squat.

Even the popular TV show "South Park" makes fun of this phenomenon... in the episode known as "Whale Whores".

But you see South Park has a point... maybe its time the "Protect the Whales" crowd became violent... at least insofar as to sinking whaling ships, or perhaps stealing whaling ships via piracy. If they have to break a few fingers along the way, so be it.

My point is that these environmentalists aren't radical enough. They're non violent protesters against the slaughter of whales, and basically end up being spectators of it... and yet they stand there and DO NOTHING.

So if people really want to "Save the Whales" then they could start by sinking a few whaling ships. Send a message to whalers that 98% of the world isn't going to put up with whale hunting, and that some of us actually have the guts to fight back.

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