Peter Nygard up to his old tricks again...

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BACKGROUND INFO: Peter Nygard is a billionaire fashion designer who lives in the Bahamas who has a notorious reputation (from a variety of sources) for drunken lechery and has also been implicated in rape, harassment, conspiracy, human trafficking, human rights abuses, unlawful confinement and essentially "slavery". (Sources include various human rights groups, reporters, the CBC, the Jordanian government, witnesses... so many I cannot list them all.) Peter Nygard is basically what happens when you someone is too rich for their own good and has become evil and corrupt.

Years ago I used to live in the Bahamas... so it just so happens that I know where Peter Nygard lives, Nygard Cay.

And something fishy is going on at Nygard Cay... and the property next to it.

According to Peter Nygard's neighbour, Louis Bacon, is now trying to sell his $35 million vacation home next to Nygard Cay, because he has been feuding with Peter Nygard.

And the feud is apparently pretty serious, as is the accusations going back and forth.

For example...

Louis Bacon had 4 "military grade" speakers on his property in July 2010, likely to be used to blast loud annoying music at his neighbour, in an effort to annoy Peter Nygard.

Peter Nygard meanwhile claims that Bacon tried to "destroy Nygard's reputation by attempting to hire a young girl to say she was raped on his property," according to the Toronto Sun. Which would be nothing new, since there is also the CBC documentary "Larger Than Life", in which a young girl was mentioned having been sexually assaulted / intimidated by Peter Nygard.

In May of 2010, Bahamian police discovered the Louise Moore's house manager dead, naked, body in the home's hot tub. Louise Moore wasn't in the Bahamas at the time, and security on his estate isn't that tight (whereas Nygard Cay is like a Bond villain's lair). Conspiracy theorists might wonder if Peter Nygard is somehow connected to the death of Louise Moore's house manager.

Peter Nygard is now suing Bacon for allegedly trying to ruin his reputation. This is nothing new either. Peter Nygard likely sues 20+ people per year, usually for trying to ruin his reputation. (Which begs the question, how bad is Peter Nygard's reputation if he is constantly fighting to silence his enemies?)

Meanwhile two of Peter Nygard's former employees have been arrested for failing to pay back $189,000 USD owed to 5 investors in a civil fraud case... which oddly enough were employees who had been held unlawfully against their will on Peter Nygard's estate years ago and made a daring escape to get out of there. Peter Nygard alleges they stole documents from him.

So yeah, definitely lots of fishy things going on at Nygard Cay.

I should note, based on my experience, and my parents' experience, of living in the Bahamas that the police there are idiots, corrupt and/or absolutely useless. There might be a few good cops in the bunch, but they're drowned out by the sheer amount of corruption.

So if Peter Nygard is doing anything illegal he isn't going to get caught very easily. He rarely visits overseas, and when he does he sub-contracts out any work he needs done.

ie. In Jordan Peter Nygard hired several businessmen to run a pants factory. The factory then imported women from India and Pakistan using human trafficking, stole their ID/passports, and then forced them to make pants night and day, beating them if they failed to meet assigned quotas. One woman was so tired after working multiple shifts that she stumbled and was killed by a truck.

But that isn't Peter Nygard's fault. He only hired the slavedrivers to run the factory and make pants. He doesn't care how they get the job done. In my book that makes Peter Nygard a de facto slaveowner, effectively a slaveowner by proxy.


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  2. .I pity his soul...............

  3. Peter Nygard will rot in hell, I am sure of it.


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