10 Reasons Why Canada is One of the Best Countries to Live In if you're a Rapist

By Ai Lung Nguyen

#1. Canadian women don't report rape or sexual assaults very often. Only 9% of sexual assault / rape victims report what happened to police.

#2. When they do report a sexual assault incident less than half of all cases make it to trial. That means less than 4.5% make it to trial.

#3. The conviction rate for sexual assault in Canada is 49%. That means less than 2.205% of rapists are ever convicted. That means there is a 97.795% chance that if you rape someone in Canada you will get away with it.

#4. Canada's judicial system is corrupt and prone to bribery. Example: In 2007 known mobster Frank D'Angelo bribed two crown attorneys and crooked cop Michael Rutigliano, resulting in a lack of evidence in his sexual assault case wherein he raped a woman half his age. Frank D'Angelo was acquitted of sexual assault and in the judge's words was "probably guilty" but there wasn't enough evidence to convict him thanks to the withholding of evidence by the two crown attorneys. So if you have money in Canada, you can guarantee you will never go to prison for sexual assault.

#5. Even if you get caught bribing crown attorneys you can still get away with it. In the same example from above Frank D'Angelo was later charged with conspiracy and obstruction of justice when he was caught on OPP surveillance photos having a secret meeting with the people he bribed during his rape trial, but the charges were stayed thanks to him agreeing to testify against fellow members of the Canadian mafia. So he still got away with it regardless of the fact he got caught.

#6. Pepperspray and Mace are illegal in Canada because they're considered prohibited substances. So if a woman wants to protect herself she has to make Homemade Pepperspray.

#7. Tasers are also prohibited in Canada. So women seeking to protect themselves really has no choice but to take self defense classes.

#8. Less than 10% of Canadian women ever take a self defense class. They're offered for free, but most women never take the time to learn.

#9. It is possible to get a handgun in Canada, but you need a gun license and all the proper documentation or you have to buy a handgun illegally on the black market. Also carrying a concealed weapon on you is a crime in Canada.

#10. The average sentence of someone convicted of sexual assault in Canada is only 4 years and 3 months. Sexual offenders are more than double likely to become repeat offenders compared to regular criminals. However since 91% of Canadian women don't report sexual assaults it is unlikely that sexual offenders will be caught the 2nd time.

NOTE: In Canada if a serial rapist / sexual predator rapes 5 different women there is only a 45% chance that one or more of those women goes to the police. There is less than a 22.5% chance that the case against the serial rapist will ever go to trial, and only a 11.025% chance that they get convicted.

Ergo there are probably a lot of serial rapists in Canada who have never been caught.

The laws in Canada are basically allowing rapes to happen and they're really not doing anything to stop them because they don't allow women to buy pepperspray or tasers or carry a concealed weapon. It is pretty clear that in Canada the police are not going to help you. You are on your own.

So my advice?

If you're a Canadian woman take a self defense class and make yourself some Homemade Pepperspray. Because otherwise you're just a sitting duck.

25% of Canadian women are sexually assaulted during their lifetime. It can happen to you.

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