Greetings Cruel World!

Hello out there, you horrible (yet often wonderful) despicable world which threatens us every day...

Actually that is not true. The Earth is beautiful place. Its the people who are sometimes cruel, horrible and despicable. Some of us are perfectly wonderful people, but the rest really get on my nerves.

Who am I?

My name is Ai Lung Nguyen, and I am a humble but adventurous dental hygienist from Hanoi Vietnam.

Why am I making this blog? Well there is a combination of reasons.

#1. I like to travel. A lot. I visit lots of places all over the world. Some of the people are nice, others not so much. I figured I could use this blog for some of my travel commentary.

#2. I will be complaining about a number of things on this blog regularly, often the inequality I see in the world. (I admit I am over-educated and rather bossy.)

#3. I figured it was time I finally made my own blog. For years now I have been a contributor to the Lilith News blog (a news commentary blog), and I decided I should make my own blog to handle my travel adventures / my more personal commentary. It allows me to "break loose" and say what I really want to say. (Lilith News has a tendency to be too PC for my tastes.)

I was born in Vietnam, but I spent much of my childhood in the USA, the Bahames, Bermuda, England, France and other locations. My parents moved around a lot. I think its why I never settle down in one place very long. However the good thing is that as a dental hygienist I can pretty much get a job anywhere in the world.

I am also rather fiery. No demure young Vietnamese girl here. I speak my mind, so get used to it. If I say something, I mean it. I don't mince words, sugar the truth or water down the facts. Just the straight goods.

Mind you that kind of mentality does tend to get on people's nerves. Their problem, not mine. Its the beauty of the internet that I can speak my mind on here, and if I annoy people sometimes with my blunt and honest opinion then its just the way it has to be.