New Years Resolution - Archery

This year I have decided to make a New Years Resolution... to take up archery and get really into it.

I will probably suck at it - but I am going to try really hard and get really into it as best as I can.

And since it is still winter I have decided that I need to do a lot of research about archery in Toronto before actually buying a bow, going to the Toronto Archery Range, and actually trying to shoot at a target.

So in the effort of chronicling my journey here is a list of websites I have found useful.

List of Archery Shops in Toronto

List of places that offer archery lessons in Toronto

Archery Rules, Laws and Etiquette

List of Toronto Archery Clubs

List of Archery Blogs in Toronto (I hope my blog is among them someday.)

Archery Tips

Archery Lessons in Toronto from

CardioTrek Archery Videos on YouTube

Archery Toronto Blog, Blogspot Website

Bowhunting in Ontario from Project Gridless

The Canadian Toxophilite Society

The Toronto Public Archery Range on Facebook

Artemis and Friends Blog

DIY Guide to Archery

Shopping for a Traditional Bow

I figure if I do lots of research, find myself a really nice bow, maybe an archery instructor I should be able to get really good at archery.

I have set aside $2,000 for archery supplies and archery lessons, so I figure I should get really good by the time I finish all the lessons I am planning to take.

So yeah! I am going to be kicking it old school this summer! Archery!!! I am so excited!

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