Exercise Vs Bodybuilding

I recall having an argument with a woman awhile back and she tried to argue that "only dykes and tom boys exercise"...

Basically she was extremely worried that if she took up jogging that she would end up looking like a steroid induced female bodybuilder.

I know, ridiculous right?

Basically the whole discussion started with the fact that she was having difficulty losing weight using her latest fad diet.

As which point I asked her, "Well how much do you exercise?"

And then she looked at me like I was stupid and said "Only dykes and tom boys exercise."

And I was like, well I exercise, does that make me a dyke or a tomboy?

And then she said I just had good genes and said that I don't actually exercise that much so me exercising doesn't really count.

And I explained that I exercise every day, for 30 to 60 minutes, and she didn't believe me. She claimed I was lying and that nobody in real life exercises that much because they don't have the time, and that the only people who do exercise that much end up looking like female bodybuilders who look masculine. I even pointed her to the website of a personal trainer in Toronto so she could look at photos of people who actually exercise and see that they look "normal".

And I tried to explain to her the difference between cardio and weightlifting and how only women who use steroids end up looking masculine, but she refused to believe me.

Eventually I just gave up.


Because there is no arguing with stupid people. You will just cause yourself lots of stress.

If she wants to refuse to exercise and is just going to go from one fad diet to the next, never really losing weight because she keeps yo-yo-ing, never really exercising, refusing to accept that the simple equation of


well then fine! So be it. Stupid people who are also stubborn will just stay that way.

And here is the kicker!

During the argument she talked about her sister has better genes than her own. Claiming that she took after her father who is overweight (and evidently doesn't exercise) and that her sister took after her mother and was "naturally slim".

Except I checked out her sister's profile page on Facebook and all her photos are of her outside, enjoying an active lifestyle, going to the beach, bicycling, etc. In other words EXERCISING.

Naturally slim? Pff. You either exercise and eat healthy, or you don't. Simple as that.

I swear stupid fat people have too much cholesterol blocking oxygen to their brain and it makes them even dumber.

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