Environmental Activists visit Nygard Cay

Nygard Cay is an environmental tragedy. Watch the video below posted by Save The Bays Bahamas.

The place looks like a dump. It is the fault of Peter Nygard's ridiculous ego (and bribery) that he has managed to get away with this environmental disaster without being punished.

I think it is appalling that Peter Nygard gets away with so many crimes and yet the police in the Bahamas do nothing to stop him. He should be arrested and the politicians / police who have been taking bribes should be arrested and imprisoned.

Lawsuit Filed Against Peter Nygard For $50 Million

Source: Tribune 242.

Hedge fund billionaire Louis Bacon is suing fashion mogul Peter Nygard for $50m, alleging that Mr Nygard has waged an “obsessive and malicious” smear campaign against him in this country since 2010.

The allegations are contained in a recently unsealed lawsuit that was filed on behalf of Mr Bacon in New York against Mr Nygard on January 14.
The complaint is also against his two companies, Nygard International Partnership and Nygard Inc.
A spokesperson for Mr Nygard, according to the international news magazine Business Insider, has dismissed the lawsuit as “completely without merit”.
Mr Bacon and Mr Nygard own adjacent properties on Lyford Cay and have been feuding for years.
The lawsuit accused Mr Nygard of being a “ringleader of a conspiracy to inflict reputational and other harm on Mr Bacon through a variety of unlawful means.”
Mr Bacon claimed that Mr Nygard has “transmitted, conspired to transmit or aided and abetted the transmission of a variety of false information,” including that he murdered people who died under suspicious circumstances, that he is a white supremacist and member of the Ku Klux Klan, that he smuggled narcotics and fugitives, that he committed arson on Mr Nygard’s residence and that he bribed Bahamian officials.
Mr Bacon claimed the false information was at times spread by “manipulating genuine news reports produced and aired by legitimate news organisations.”
That he was charged by prosecutors and “accused of criminal conspiracy” in a “billion dollar scam” that is “one of the biggest Wall Street insider trading cases ever” referring to the insider trading arrest of Rajat Gupta.
And that he possessed terrorist weaponry (such as illegal speakers) that pose a national security threat to the Bahamas.
The lawsuit also referred to the recent appearance at the New Year’s Day Junkanoo Parade of a group of people wearing outfits similar to those worn by Ku Klux Klan members.
“(They paraded) through the streets with placards emblazoned with ‘Bacon is KKK’ and ‘Bacon Go Home.’ Upon information and belief, this anti-Bacon protest was part of the smear campaign and orchestrated by the Nygard defendants and Nygard’s proxies,” the lawsuit claims.
The lawsuit also referred to another protest in July of last year when some Bahamians marched wearing t-shirts while hoisting posters accusing Mr Bacon of being in the KKK.
Mr Bacon claimed that statements allegedly made by Mr Nygard have damaged his “professional, philanthropic and personal reputation.”
In a response to the lawsuit, according to Business Insider, Mr Nygard’s spokesperson said: “This action is simply the latest attempt by Mr Bacon to deflect media attention away from his real agenda, which is to unseat the ruling political party in the Bahamas so that his own candidate can take power and block reconstruction of Mr Nygard’s residence, which is next door to his own estate.
“It is no secret that Mr Bacon has long expressed interest in buying Mr Nygard’s property and has sought to block his neighbour from rebuilding after a suspicious fire destroyed part of Nygard Cay several years ago. Mr Bacon has falsely and maliciously accused Mr Nygard and Prime Minister Perry Christie of government corruption as part of a judicial review in the Bahamas that is designed to advance his agenda by damaging the administration and further delaying Mr Nygard’s reconstruction, which cannot be permitted as long as the review is underway. In fact, Mr Bacon has falsified evidence of corruption,” the magazine claimed.

Inuit Archery

I love this archery photo of an Inuit woman! I wish there were more like it.

Old Archery Photos

I am really digging these old archery photos I found on Google. Freaking awesome!

I cannot wait to make my own!

New Years Resolution - Archery

This year I have decided to make a New Years Resolution... to take up archery and get really into it.

I will probably suck at it - but I am going to try really hard and get really into it as best as I can.

And since it is still winter I have decided that I need to do a lot of research about archery in Toronto before actually buying a bow, going to the Toronto Archery Range, and actually trying to shoot at a target.

So in the effort of chronicling my journey here is a list of websites I have found useful.

List of Archery Shops in Toronto

List of places that offer archery lessons in Toronto

Archery Rules, Laws and Etiquette

List of Toronto Archery Clubs

List of Archery Blogs in Toronto (I hope my blog is among them someday.)

Archery Tips

Archery Lessons in Toronto from CardioTrek.ca

CardioTrek Archery Videos on YouTube

Archery Toronto Blog, Blogspot Website

Bowhunting in Ontario from Project Gridless

The Canadian Toxophilite Society

The Toronto Public Archery Range on Facebook

Artemis and Friends Blog

DIY Guide to Archery

Shopping for a Traditional Bow

I figure if I do lots of research, find myself a really nice bow, maybe an archery instructor I should be able to get really good at archery.

I have set aside $2,000 for archery supplies and archery lessons, so I figure I should get really good by the time I finish all the lessons I am planning to take.

So yeah! I am going to be kicking it old school this summer! Archery!!! I am so excited!

10 Reasons Why Canada is One of the Best Countries to Live In if you're a Rapist

By Ai Lung Nguyen

#1. Canadian women don't report rape or sexual assaults very often. Only 9% of sexual assault / rape victims report what happened to police.

#2. When they do report a sexual assault incident less than half of all cases make it to trial. That means less than 4.5% make it to trial.

#3. The conviction rate for sexual assault in Canada is 49%. That means less than 2.205% of rapists are ever convicted. That means there is a 97.795% chance that if you rape someone in Canada you will get away with it.

#4. Canada's judicial system is corrupt and prone to bribery. Example: In 2007 known mobster Frank D'Angelo bribed two crown attorneys and crooked cop Michael Rutigliano, resulting in a lack of evidence in his sexual assault case wherein he raped a woman half his age. Frank D'Angelo was acquitted of sexual assault and in the judge's words was "probably guilty" but there wasn't enough evidence to convict him thanks to the withholding of evidence by the two crown attorneys. So if you have money in Canada, you can guarantee you will never go to prison for sexual assault.

#5. Even if you get caught bribing crown attorneys you can still get away with it. In the same example from above Frank D'Angelo was later charged with conspiracy and obstruction of justice when he was caught on OPP surveillance photos having a secret meeting with the people he bribed during his rape trial, but the charges were stayed thanks to him agreeing to testify against fellow members of the Canadian mafia. So he still got away with it regardless of the fact he got caught.

#6. Pepperspray and Mace are illegal in Canada because they're considered prohibited substances. So if a woman wants to protect herself she has to make Homemade Pepperspray.

#7. Tasers are also prohibited in Canada. So women seeking to protect themselves really has no choice but to take self defense classes.

#8. Less than 10% of Canadian women ever take a self defense class. They're offered for free, but most women never take the time to learn.

#9. It is possible to get a handgun in Canada, but you need a gun license and all the proper documentation or you have to buy a handgun illegally on the black market. Also carrying a concealed weapon on you is a crime in Canada.

#10. The average sentence of someone convicted of sexual assault in Canada is only 4 years and 3 months. Sexual offenders are more than double likely to become repeat offenders compared to regular criminals. However since 91% of Canadian women don't report sexual assaults it is unlikely that sexual offenders will be caught the 2nd time.

NOTE: In Canada if a serial rapist / sexual predator rapes 5 different women there is only a 45% chance that one or more of those women goes to the police. There is less than a 22.5% chance that the case against the serial rapist will ever go to trial, and only a 11.025% chance that they get convicted.

Ergo there are probably a lot of serial rapists in Canada who have never been caught.

The laws in Canada are basically allowing rapes to happen and they're really not doing anything to stop them because they don't allow women to buy pepperspray or tasers or carry a concealed weapon. It is pretty clear that in Canada the police are not going to help you. You are on your own.

So my advice?

If you're a Canadian woman take a self defense class and make yourself some Homemade Pepperspray. Because otherwise you're just a sitting duck.

25% of Canadian women are sexually assaulted during their lifetime. It can happen to you.

Exercise Vs Bodybuilding

I recall having an argument with a woman awhile back and she tried to argue that "only dykes and tom boys exercise"...

Basically she was extremely worried that if she took up jogging that she would end up looking like a steroid induced female bodybuilder.

I know, ridiculous right?

Basically the whole discussion started with the fact that she was having difficulty losing weight using her latest fad diet.

As which point I asked her, "Well how much do you exercise?"

And then she looked at me like I was stupid and said "Only dykes and tom boys exercise."

And I was like, well I exercise, does that make me a dyke or a tomboy?

And then she said I just had good genes and said that I don't actually exercise that much so me exercising doesn't really count.

And I explained that I exercise every day, for 30 to 60 minutes, and she didn't believe me. She claimed I was lying and that nobody in real life exercises that much because they don't have the time, and that the only people who do exercise that much end up looking like female bodybuilders who look masculine. I even pointed her to the website of a personal trainer in Toronto so she could look at photos of people who actually exercise and see that they look "normal".

And I tried to explain to her the difference between cardio and weightlifting and how only women who use steroids end up looking masculine, but she refused to believe me.

Eventually I just gave up.


Because there is no arguing with stupid people. You will just cause yourself lots of stress.

If she wants to refuse to exercise and is just going to go from one fad diet to the next, never really losing weight because she keeps yo-yo-ing, never really exercising, refusing to accept that the simple equation of


well then fine! So be it. Stupid people who are also stubborn will just stay that way.

And here is the kicker!

During the argument she talked about her sister has better genes than her own. Claiming that she took after her father who is overweight (and evidently doesn't exercise) and that her sister took after her mother and was "naturally slim".

Except I checked out her sister's profile page on Facebook and all her photos are of her outside, enjoying an active lifestyle, going to the beach, bicycling, etc. In other words EXERCISING.

Naturally slim? Pff. You either exercise and eat healthy, or you don't. Simple as that.

I swear stupid fat people have too much cholesterol blocking oxygen to their brain and it makes them even dumber.