Gustavo Luna is HOT - and why I suck at social media

Check out the hot guy in the video below. His name is Gustavo Luna.

Okay, I admit. Maybe it is just the name "Gustavo Luna" that has me all hot and bothered, but you have to admit he is a cute, sexy guy in a "sexy accountant" kind of way.

Seriously, it is guys like him who make me want to start a "Sexy Accountants Fan Club" group on Facebook and then stalk these poor guys.

Now there is more than 1 Gustavo Luna however, so we need to differentiate...

Gustavo Lunas on Facebook

There is a Gustavo Luna from Lima, Peru.

There is a Gustavo Luna with no location listed. And he apparently likes birds. And he is hot too.

And so on... there is about 90 different Gustavo Lunas that I could find on Facebook.

And none of them live in Bismarck, North Dakota. So Facebook is not helping.

Some of them are young and attractive... some of them are old an unattractive. So there is definitely a wide range of young / old, hot and ugly. So there goes my theory that all people named Gustavo Luna must be hot and attractive.

So if I am going to find this guy I need to be more specific clearly.

First off, the Gustavo Luna I am looking for is a commodities trader / energy trader. So if he doesn't have a Facebook account maybe he has a LinkedIn account?


Gustavo Luna, Energy Trader / Commodities Trader on LinkedIn, Bismark, North Dakota.

So that worked, only two problems.

  1. I don't have a LinkedIn account.
  2. Even if I did have one, LinkedIn wants people to pay to have the ability to contact strangers on there. They are very serious about protecting privacy - unless you pay for the ability to contact people.

So since that didn't work I need to explore other options...


Woot! Found him!

Gustavo Luna of Bismarck, North Dakota on Twitter.

Unfortunately he doesn't seem to use Twitter very often. His last tweet is from November 2016 and it was a tweet joking about how people should invest in Kleenex.

He only has 8 Tweets so far, so I am guessing he isn't really into Twitter.

Apparently he is immune to internet stalking by weird Vietnamese chicks (who drank too much Irish Coffee on a Friday night and are home alone)...

I have a weird hunch Gustavo Luna is one of these guys who isn't really into Social Media and is into sports instead.

You know, the type who plays basketball, goes to resorts to go skiing and snowboarding on weekends, and in general spends a lot of time outside. You know the type I mean... Athletic guys who don't really do social media.

Or maybe I am just projecting my fantasies.

To be fair, I can't stand Facebook or Twitter (or LinkedIn) either. I have a Facebook account I rarely use. I refuse to get Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.

So we have that in common at least.

Also another thing I have noticed... not a lot of photos of him online. I do the same thing. I avoid putting photos of myself online and I would prefer to keep it that way.

Clearly when it comes to maintaining his privacy on the internet, Gustavo Luna has thus far been pretty successful.

Kudos to him. Well done.

He has thus far ruined my Friday night...

Meanwhile I am still bored so I think it is time to make another Irish coffee...

Oh and check out this different Gustavo Luna I found while browsing Google Images...

Maybe there is something to my theory that people named Gustavo Luna are sexy - some of the time.

Ron Seigel is racist and Facebook never removes racist comments

Happy New Year!

So I don't login for several days (New Years et al) and when I come back I find out several things:

Cropped screenshot of Ron Seigel's comment.
1. Ron Seigel called me a slanty eyed twat.

2. Ron Seigel's comment was reported to Facebook.

3. Facebook decided calling someone a "slanty eyed twat" does not constitute racism, and thus did not remove his comment about me. (Not the first time I have noticed this... Facebook never removes racist comments, no matter how obviously racist they are. I have never, EVER seen Facebook remove a racist comment.)

4. Since Facebook apparently NEVER removes racist comments, I have to conclude that Facebook is perfectly okay with racism.

Ergo... If I want to say a few things, I guess I am allowed to say them.

So here goes.

1. I think the only good nazi is a dead nazi.

2. I think every neo nazi, white supremacist, nazi sympathizer, alt right asshole in the world should be put to death. We should not be preaching tolerance of these intolerant assholes. We should be killing them.

3. 2018 America is just like 1938 Germany. A racist shit-hole on the verge of war.

4. If you are a racist prick and you are somehow friends with me on Facebook, do us both a favour and unfriend me. I don't want to associate with people who are undeniably racist (or even borderline racist for that matter).

5. I think white people are embracing their racism, but lying about what it really is. They can call themselves "alt right" or whatever, but that doesn't change what they really are. Fascists.

6. I cannot trust white people. They are corrupt, nazi sympathizers, career criminals who get away with murder, drugs, rape and more - and some of them are probably good people. But so many white people are racist bigots. So many it boggles the mind.

7. When someone says that half of Americans cannot be racist, I question what they consider to be racist. Because if it the Facebook standard of anything goes and they never remove a single racist comment, then clearly that is a different definition from what I consider to be racist.

8. Half of Americans are racist. Yes. They don't like to admit it, but it is true - and most of those racists are white Republicans. There are racist Democrats too, no doubt, and people who don't even vote... but the vast majority are Republicans.

9. As far as I am concerned, all white people are racists until proven otherwise. I wish this was not the case, but I have to basically treat them as such because frankly enough is enough. People need to pick a side, because if a race war ever happens in the future I will be on the side with Africans, Asians and Hispanics and white people will have to choose whether they want to side with bigotry and racism, or side with decency and equality.


Now I don't think what I said above was racist. For example, saying I cannot trust white people. That is my opinion and me explaining a belief.

Saying that the only good nazi is a dead nazi. Well, that is not inherently racist either. Not all white people are nazis. But half of white people are racists. And you cannot prove me wrong on that because it really comes down the definition of racism. Facebook obviously is clueless as to what racism is, and so I must conclude a lot of white people are also clueless about what counts as racist too (judging by Fox News alone, they are incredibly clueless and racist).

Want to know who else is racist? Shannon Hobbs from Yorkville Dental in Toronto. She is a conniving racist cow. I nearly applied for a job there, but I changed my mind when I found out she was a huge closet racist.

Want to know who else? Doug Ford, a local politician in Toronto. A closet racist like many others, but this just proves my point.

Toronto is a pretty liberal and multicultural city, but it still has an abundance of racist people like Shannon Hobbs and Doug Ford.

So if a liberal multicultural city like Toronto has so many closet racists, just imagine how many the USA has? It is overflowing with racial divisions, racism, covert segregation, and politicians like Roy Moore who may have a Jewish lawyer (like his wife bragged about at a campaign rally), but are secretly members of the KKK.

And this is what we are dealing with.

White people who openly lie and say they are not racist, but are secretly KKK members and do all sorts of racist things like Ron Seigel, Shannon Hobbs and Doug Ford do... and they get away with it a lot of the time.

Final Note

I originally posted this on Facebook and decided to repost on my blog, which I rarely use any more.

Peter Nygard looks like a corpse

December 15th 2017

Check out the photo above of this walking zombie of a corpse.

His name is Peter Nygard and he recently tried to get a female judge in Canada to recuse herself.

But his lawyer did not provide any cogent reasons for why they Nygard wanted the female judge recused.

Let me guess why.

It is because she is FEMALE and Peter Nygard is worried a female judge will recognize Nygard for being a misogynistic James Bond villain that he is. For those that don't know...

Nygard is a fashion mogul billionaire with a home in the Bahamas.

He has a shark tank and pays fashion models to hang around his home (where he has sex with them, for money of course).

Some of the fashion models have gone missing. Never to be seen from again.

Nygard's lawyer claims the women just went home, or wherever. But how come the women went missing? How come nobody, not even their families, can find them?

Or did the missing women become shark food in Nygard's shark tank?

Maybe. We don't know.

But people sure would love to find out.

Nygard is into all sorts of legal problems. Disputes with his neighbours. Disputes with past employees. Disputes with journalists at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC's Fifth Estate). Disputes with ex-wives. Disputes with women he sexually abused.

He is basically a cross between Harvey Weinstein and a James Bond villain, with an actual Bond villain home in the Bahamas called Nygard Cay.

Aerial Shot of Nygard Cay

So basically everyone knows he is dirty. But he has expensive lawyers so proving he is dirty in court is a different matter.

Meanwhile lets read the Tribune article that came out yesterday:

A Supreme Court judge has refused Canadian fashion mogul Peter Nygard’s second attempt at having her recuse herself from an ongoing judicial review against him on the grounds of bias.
Justice Rhonda Bain, in a written ruling obtained by The Tribune, said Mr Nygard gave “no cogent reasons” for his claims of bias and said there is consequently “no basis” for the recusal as he previously asserted.
She added a “fair-minded and informed observer” taking into consideration all of the circumstances would not conclude the court is biased against him as he claimed.
Justice Bain further noted in her ruling the substantive matter has been delayed by the “numerous” interlocutory applications and applications for her recusal, adding this most recent ruling is the 26th to date, and that there are still approximately 20 outstanding applications in the matter.
Nonetheless, the judge noted an outstanding application for her recusal by Keod Smith, Mr Nygard’s former attorney, must and will be heard before proceeding with the other outstanding interlocutory applications and the eventual hearing of the substantive application for judicial review.
Justice Bain said in her ruling: “Even though there have been other applications for recusal of the court, the court has found that these applications were groundless. Likewise, in the present application, the court finds that the grounds relied on by (Mr Nygard) in support of his claim for bias or perceived bias are groundless.
“(Mr Nygard) has not proved actual bias or apparent or perceived bias by the court.”
Mr Nygard has filed two recusal applications against Justice Bain on the grounds of bias, the latter of which was launched in March of this year. His first recusal application, which ultimately failed, was filed in 2015.
Both recusal applications stem from Mr Nygard’s battle with environment group Save The Bays (STB) over allegations the construction/development activities at his Lyford Cay home have led to a substantial growth of the property.
The group claims Mr Nygard has almost doubled the size of his property, from 3.25 acres to 6.1 acres, since he acquired it in 1984, by reclaiming Crown land from the sea. The advocacy group alleged Mr Nygard achieved this without the necessary permits and approvals, claims that have been denied by the fashion designer.
Last month, Justice Bain said the court would not allow Mr Nygard’s “non-attendance” to his own recusal application on two consecutive occasions to “further delay” the hearing of those proceedings.
Justice Bain ruled at the time the court is not at Mr Nygard’s “whim and fancy” and would hear his recusal applications in his absence.
However, Justice Bain said while she decided to treat Mr Nygard’s absence as a “separate issue” from the substantive recusal motion, the court would give the Lyford Cay resident an opportunity to “show cause” of his failure to obey the court’s orders to attend the recusal application hearings on both October 30 and October 31.

So yeah...

It is any surprise that Peter Nygard has decided to add environmental groups to the long list of people who hate him?

After all, why should a James Bond villain care about environmental groups?

When what he should really be worried about is his saggy skin, white hair and corpse-like facial features?

And petty issues like showing up to court dates? Bah, he can do them later. Clearly someone who needs facial reconstruction surgery doesn't need to show up to court. He could die at any moment from being a zombie plague victim.

In which case I should hone up on my archery skills. Shooting zombies are my specialty.

Environmental Activists visit Nygard Cay

Nygard Cay is an environmental tragedy. Watch the video below posted by Save The Bays Bahamas.

The place looks like a dump. It is the fault of Peter Nygard's ridiculous ego (and bribery) that he has managed to get away with this environmental disaster without being punished.

I think it is appalling that Peter Nygard gets away with so many crimes and yet the police in the Bahamas do nothing to stop him. He should be arrested and the politicians / police who have been taking bribes should be arrested and imprisoned.

Lawsuit Filed Against Peter Nygard For $50 Million

Source: Tribune 242.

Hedge fund billionaire Louis Bacon is suing fashion mogul Peter Nygard for $50m, alleging that Mr Nygard has waged an “obsessive and malicious” smear campaign against him in this country since 2010.

The allegations are contained in a recently unsealed lawsuit that was filed on behalf of Mr Bacon in New York against Mr Nygard on January 14.
The complaint is also against his two companies, Nygard International Partnership and Nygard Inc.
A spokesperson for Mr Nygard, according to the international news magazine Business Insider, has dismissed the lawsuit as “completely without merit”.
Mr Bacon and Mr Nygard own adjacent properties on Lyford Cay and have been feuding for years.
The lawsuit accused Mr Nygard of being a “ringleader of a conspiracy to inflict reputational and other harm on Mr Bacon through a variety of unlawful means.”
Mr Bacon claimed that Mr Nygard has “transmitted, conspired to transmit or aided and abetted the transmission of a variety of false information,” including that he murdered people who died under suspicious circumstances, that he is a white supremacist and member of the Ku Klux Klan, that he smuggled narcotics and fugitives, that he committed arson on Mr Nygard’s residence and that he bribed Bahamian officials.
Mr Bacon claimed the false information was at times spread by “manipulating genuine news reports produced and aired by legitimate news organisations.”
That he was charged by prosecutors and “accused of criminal conspiracy” in a “billion dollar scam” that is “one of the biggest Wall Street insider trading cases ever” referring to the insider trading arrest of Rajat Gupta.
And that he possessed terrorist weaponry (such as illegal speakers) that pose a national security threat to the Bahamas.
The lawsuit also referred to the recent appearance at the New Year’s Day Junkanoo Parade of a group of people wearing outfits similar to those worn by Ku Klux Klan members.
“(They paraded) through the streets with placards emblazoned with ‘Bacon is KKK’ and ‘Bacon Go Home.’ Upon information and belief, this anti-Bacon protest was part of the smear campaign and orchestrated by the Nygard defendants and Nygard’s proxies,” the lawsuit claims.
The lawsuit also referred to another protest in July of last year when some Bahamians marched wearing t-shirts while hoisting posters accusing Mr Bacon of being in the KKK.
Mr Bacon claimed that statements allegedly made by Mr Nygard have damaged his “professional, philanthropic and personal reputation.”
In a response to the lawsuit, according to Business Insider, Mr Nygard’s spokesperson said: “This action is simply the latest attempt by Mr Bacon to deflect media attention away from his real agenda, which is to unseat the ruling political party in the Bahamas so that his own candidate can take power and block reconstruction of Mr Nygard’s residence, which is next door to his own estate.
“It is no secret that Mr Bacon has long expressed interest in buying Mr Nygard’s property and has sought to block his neighbour from rebuilding after a suspicious fire destroyed part of Nygard Cay several years ago. Mr Bacon has falsely and maliciously accused Mr Nygard and Prime Minister Perry Christie of government corruption as part of a judicial review in the Bahamas that is designed to advance his agenda by damaging the administration and further delaying Mr Nygard’s reconstruction, which cannot be permitted as long as the review is underway. In fact, Mr Bacon has falsified evidence of corruption,” the magazine claimed.

Inuit Archery

I love this archery photo of an Inuit woman! I wish there were more like it.

Old Archery Photos

I am really digging these old archery photos I found on Google. Freaking awesome!

I cannot wait to make my own!

New Years Resolution - Archery

This year I have decided to make a New Years Resolution... to take up archery and get really into it.

I will probably suck at it - but I am going to try really hard and get really into it as best as I can.

And since it is still winter I have decided that I need to do a lot of research about archery in Toronto before actually buying a bow, going to the Toronto Archery Range, and actually trying to shoot at a target.

So in the effort of chronicling my journey here is a list of websites I have found useful.

List of Archery Shops in Toronto

List of places that offer archery lessons in Toronto

Archery Rules, Laws and Etiquette

List of Toronto Archery Clubs

List of Archery Blogs in Toronto (I hope my blog is among them someday.)

Archery Tips

Archery Lessons in Toronto from

CardioTrek Archery Videos on YouTube

Archery Toronto Blog, Blogspot Website

Bowhunting in Ontario from Project Gridless

The Canadian Toxophilite Society

The Toronto Public Archery Range on Facebook

Artemis and Friends Blog

DIY Guide to Archery

Shopping for a Traditional Bow

I figure if I do lots of research, find myself a really nice bow, maybe an archery instructor I should be able to get really good at archery.

I have set aside $2,000 for archery supplies and archery lessons, so I figure I should get really good by the time I finish all the lessons I am planning to take.

So yeah! I am going to be kicking it old school this summer! Archery!!! I am so excited!