My Past Articles


Before I created this blog I was writing for Lilith News. The following is a list of articles I wrote for that website:

Kids avrg over 2,000 hours in front of TV/computer annually

Japan imposes fine on evacuation zone

Fukushima evacuation widened as radiation spikes

Japan hit by 7.0 aftershock

Japan ignored Tsunami threat

Facebook and Google secretly bidding on Twitter

Historic Blizzards stretches from Mexico to Canada

Mass Animal deaths caused by Poison

Facebook email on the horizon

Flooding in Pakistan a sign of climate change

3D TVs with no glasses

Facebook Killer strikes again

Kemonozume & Bamboo Blade

China's Unfinished Business

China 2nd largest economy, Japan lags

Russian economy imploding as heat wave continues

Old Spice Guy a Huge Success

Moscow's smog deadly

Facebook Ghosts

American Hypocrisy on Climate Change

Bahamas Rife with Organized Crime

Is Nuclear War the answer to Global Warming?

Facebook banned in Pakistan

Peter Nygard deletes Facebook group boycotting him

Sh*t My Dad Says

Earthquakes becoming more Common, scientists admit

Peter Nygard's empire reeling from CBC expose

Is the Asian Aesthetic the Future of Art

Winter Olympics melting due to Climate Change

Closing the gap on Climate Change

The Changing Face of American Capitalism

Arctic Ice to Vanish by 2013

Climate Change forcing fish farther North

America: Bully or Friend?

Canadian builds robot daughter Aiko


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