San Francisco... flowers in my hair

Yesterday I walked across the Golden Gate bridge, and for fun I later picked some daisies and tucked one above each ear.

And then I went east and got lost in San Francisco's Chinatown. Overall, enjoyable, despite getting confused as to which way was south.

Eventually I got onto Market Street and found my way back to streets to where I knew where I was going.

Today I am planning to see some of the local sights, go back through Chinatown again (hopefully not get lost again) and then take the ferry from "Alcatraz Cruises" over to Alcatraz Prison.

Should be fun, assuming everything goes off without a hitch.

If I have time afterwards I will try to see some other sights. ie. I would really like to Silicon Valley (wherever that is, and see the architecture of the big Blue Chip companies)...

Tomorrow I am going over across the Bay to Oakland.


FYI, Interstate 5 from the Canadian border all the way to Sacremento was a fun ride. Lots of scenery.

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